Source code for cosmo_utils

# Licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see LICENSE.rst

# Packages may add whatever they like to this file, but
# should keep this content at the top.
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
from ._astropy_init import *
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

# Enforce Python version check during package import.
# This is the same check as the one at the top of
import sys

[docs]class UnsupportedPythonError(Exception): pass
if sys.version_info < tuple((int(val) for val in "3.5".split('.'))): raise UnsupportedPythonError("cosmo_utils does not support Python < {}".format(3.5)) if not _ASTROPY_SETUP_: # For egg_info test builds to pass, put package imports here. from . import utils from . import mock_catalogues from . import ml from . import custom_exceptions