cosmo_utils.mock_catalogues.catls_utils.sdss_catl_clean_nmin(catl_pd, catl_kind, catl_info='members', nmin=1, perf_opt=False)[source] [edit on github]

Cleans the catalogue removing failed values, and only includes galaxies that are in groups/halos above a nmin threshold.


catl_pd : pandas.DataFrame

Dataset with the catalogue information.

catl_kind : {‘data’, ‘mocks’} str, optional

Type of catalogue to use. This variable is set to data by default.

  • data : catalogues come from SDSS real catalogue
  • mocks : catalogue come from SDSS mock catalogues

catl_info : {‘members’, ‘groups’} str, optional

Option for which kind of catalogues to use.

  • members : Member galaxies of group catalogues
  • groups : Catalogues with group information.

nmin : int, optional

Minimum group richness to have in the (galaxy) group catalogue. This variable is set to 1 by default.

perf_opt : bool, optional

Option for using a perfect mock catalogue.


LSSUtils_Error : Exception from LSSUtils_Error

Program exception if input parameters are accepted.