cosmo_utils.mock_catalogues.shmr_funcs.Behroozi_relation(log_mstar, z=0.0)[source] [edit on github]

Returns the halo mass of a central galaxy as a function of its stellar mass.


log_mstar : float ,`np.ndarray`, or array-like

Value or array of values of base-10 logarithm of stellar mass in h=1 solar mass units.

z : int, float, np.ndarray or array-like

Redshift of the halo hosting the galaxy. If passing an array, it must be of the same length as the input log_mstar.


log_halo_mass : float or np.ndarray

Array or float containing 10-base logarithm of halo mass in h=1 solar mass units.


The parameter values in Behroozi+10 were fit to data assuming h=0.7. Thus, we will transform our input stellar mass to h=0.7 units, evaluate using the Behroozi parameters, and then transform back to h=1 units before returning the result.