cosmo_utils.utils.file_readers.concatenate_pd_df(directory, filetype='hdf5', foutput=None, outonly=True)[source] [edit on github]

Concatenates pandas DataFrames into a single DataFrame


directory : str

Path to the folder containing multiple pandas-HDF5 files

filetype : str, optional

File format of the file in directory to be read This is set to hdf5 by default.

foutput : str or NoneType

If not None, it is the basename of the output file in HDF5 format

outonly : bool, optional

If True, it returns the pandas DataFrame. If False, it only saved the concatenated pandas.DataFrame.


df_conc : pandas.DataFrame

DataFrame containing the combined datasets from the files in directory.


LSSUtils_Error : Exception

If no files are found in directory, it raises an error warning about this.